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Densha Otoko (でんしゃ おとこ)


Have been heard about that dorama? I finished watch that dorama a week ago, and that was a cool drama..really,,I guarantee it. For you who love J-drama must be known about that drama since it was aired on July 2005 with rating 21.04%, such a high rating for a drama there :)
I really like this drama. This drama was not only telling about the love story of Otaku (Tsuyoshi) and high class lady (Saori) but also  telling about friendship, loyality, honesty, spirit to achieve our dream, and any other. This drama really entartaining and success made me laugh and cry :') Two thumbs up for Japanese people who always success to produce amazing story b^.^d

Densha Otoko- でんしゃ おとこ (Train Man) is a dorama which is consist of 11 episodes and 1 special episode. It was broadcasted by Fuji TV on July 07, 2005 and starring by Ito Misaki as Aoyama Saori and Ito Atsushi as Yamada Tsuyoshi. Actually, this drama is based on a true love story which is turned into best selling novel that created from the internet BBS. 

As I mentioned above that this drama was telling about love story of Otaku (Tsuyoshi) who is fallen in love with a high class lady (Saori). For you who do not know the meaning of otaku, otaku is japanese term which is used to refer people with obsesive interest, particularly to anime, manga or video games (I'll talk more about otaku in the next post). The problem is actually Otaku identically with people who usually called as CUPU, clumsy, cant socialize with other people, and usually just concern with their business and interest. This kind of person is so many in Japan, they made their own society and usually gather to get the new version of manga, anime characters, games, or any other. Actually Otaku is not different with the common people, one of the differences is maybe they are really obsesive with their interest to manga, anime, or games that make them prefer to spent more their time in doing their hobbies to that interest rather than to socialize with other people. Maybe that was one of reason why Otaku is considered as strange in the society.
Naah,,it becomes problem when Otaku (Tsuyoshi) is falling in love. That become a problem since he has no experience to socialize with people especially woman. Tsuyoshi met Saori at the first time when they were in the train and Saori got problem with drunkard oldman. Tsuyoshi was trying to help Saori but got punched by the oldman. Saori that really grateful then sends him teacup branded-Hermes. Since he never has experience with woman, Tsuyoshi then decided to ask for help in Alladin Channel BBS, ask the advice to interact with Saori. To impress Saori, Tsuyoshi change their appearance and has to hidden the fact that he's an Otaku. Many effort and obstacles that should be faced by Tsuyoshi to get Saori, and when he was decided to give up on Saori, his friends from Alladin channel always give him support to stand up and face tomorrow. Make him realize that Saori is the only one woman that he need for his entire life :)

So, what will happen to Tsuyoshi in the end? Will he success to make Saori loves him even she knows that he is an Otaku? What will happen with they both if Saori know that Tsuyoshi always asking for help and share their story in Alladin channel?
You will find the answer of those question by watching that drama. This drama is the best choice for your weekend. I bet you will never stop to watch it until the very end episode :) Enjoy the drama then \(^.^)/

Below, I put the pictures of the artists

Ito Atsushi as Yamada Tsuyoshi (Densha Otoko)

Ito Misaki as Aoyama Saori (Hermes)

Shiraishi Miho as Jinkama Kisuzu-Tsuyoshi's co-worker

Sato Eriko as Sawazaki Kaho-Saori's best friend

Sudo Risa as Mizuki Yuko-Saori's co-worker

Hayami Mokomichi as Aoyama Keisuke- Saori's brother

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