Monday, December 17, 2012

5cm. by Donny Dhirgantoro

Konbawaaaaa!!!! I really can't help my self to not posting tonight, really...I mean it :) Hhahaa
Just arrived from XXI cinema watched 5cm the movie. Gosssh,,finally I can see it played in cinema, since I've been read that novel 6 years ago, when I was still in 1st grade of Senior High School. Below is the picture of the novel, that was the first edition, the old cover before it was produced become a movie :)

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The memories of my Senior High School's time was passed and remind me how was my struggle to get the turn to read that book. At that time, as a student, I've no enough money to buy every books that I want, not as easy as today (aaah,,how different my uni life today :D ) that's why I've to wait until my turn come, then when it was coming, I was impatient to read it, then only need less than 2 days to finish it , and that was really amazing for me to read kinda inspirative and motivative novel like 5cm. , really..I mean everything words that I said. 5cm. is the best novel that I've been read. I will not tell the story here, just wish that you guys will read it by yourself someday , or maybe you can just watch the movie (even I can guarantee that the feeling is little bit different :D ). Oy, one quote that I still remember and loved since the first time I read the novel is ," Biarkan keyakinanmu 5 centimeter menggantung, mengambang di depan keningmu, agar kamu selalu memikirkannya. Dan yang kamu butuhkan setelah itu hanyalah kaki yang akan berjalan lebih jauh dari biasanya, tangan yang akan berbuat lebih banyak dari biasanya, mata yang akan menatap lebih lama dari biasanya, leher yang sering melihat ke atas, lapisan tekad yang akan lebih keras dari baja, dan hati yang akan bekerja lebih keras dari biasanya! (Genta)" Yups, that was the amazing quote that still motivate me to make my dreams come true. Even I still haven't make it happen, but I do believe that someday, yeah someday, I'll make it..I'll make it happen :)

As usual, I put the pictures related with the novel and the movie :)

Donny Dhirgantoro-Author of 5cm.

Comic of 5cm. Special thanks to my friends who gave me this comic as my birthday present :)

sketch of the comic :*

The casts of the movie. Bang Junooootttt :*

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