Sunday, December 16, 2012

Otanjoubi Omedettou Aiba-chan \(^.^)/

Happy..Happy Birthday to you Aiba-san \(^.^)/ yeaaaaayyyy....This month is Aibas's birthday...Once more,happy birthday to you Aiba :) So tonight, I got the news from Arashi Daisuki's Facebook that Aiba was received surprise during the concert this night...That sounds great I think :)

So, related with Aiba's birthday, I want to post here the greetings from other members in Arashi :)



Congratulations on your birthday. We’ve been together for 15 years already. That means I’ve been with you for more than half our lives. How’s that! Aren’t you glad? Seriously speaking, for someone with few friends like me, besides my family, there’s no one else I’ve been with for 15 years. That’s precious to me. It’s important. So…from now on too please take care of me. Congratulations on your birthday.


Since I joined as a Jr., we’ve spent half our lives together. During our Jr. period you were extremely shy but, now you’re brighter than anyone else. Our lives are a lot brighter and more fun because of you. From now on too, let’s have a lot of fun times together. Thank you for everything. Also, from now on please take care of me. Really, congratulations.


Congratulations on your birthday. Welcome to the adult world. I think nothing really changes in particular though. I started really talking to Aiba-chan after we debuted. A lot of things happened. But, nothing changed about Aiba-chan. It’s good enough to stay the way you are. Next time, a drink in Ginza!


Congratulations on your birthday. The first time I exchanged contact information with you was after Arashi was formed. Which birthday was it was what I thought. More than 10 years, thinking about how long we’ve been together makes me feel surprised and happy. After your birthday and in the future, please treat me favorably.

—Popcorn Tour Fan Report, 2012.12.16

Below is the link for the video of Aiba's birthday during the concert
for the further news about it, please visit also

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