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Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (結婚できない男)

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Have been heard about that dorama? or maybe familiar with the poster above? So tonight Iam going to talk about this dorama since I just finished watch this drama a week ago, just after finished watch Densha Otoko,,hehehe

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko-2006 (The man who cant get married) is a J-drama which is consist of 12 episodes and has rating 16.9% still such a high rating for a drama.This dorama is played by Abe Hiroshi as Shinsuke Kuwano and Natsukawa Yui as Hayasaka Natsume as the 2 main roles. This story was talked about life of Shinsuke Kuwano, an ecentric successful architect at 40 who enjoys living by himself. He doesnt like people (or maybe I can say that he does not know how to interact with people in good way-clumsy?) but he was able to design a wonderful house by using kitchen as the center of his home's design. He always talks that he never get married, and that was because he wont, because he decided to not get married. During his daily life, he has daily activity in making himself a delicious dinner and enjoying the classical music in his easy chair while pretending he is the conductor. Then one night, he was played the music loud enough that made his next door neighbour-Michiru Tamara would to knock on his door to complain. When se was coming to complain suddeny Kuwano suffers a terrible stomach pain and collapses to the floor. Lucky for him, Michiru is nice enough to accompany him to the hospital where he is treated by dr. Natsumi Hayasake. He was really rude to Natsumi but she still decided to treat him. Naaah,,after that, Michiru and Natsumi were became part of Kuwano's life. They made friends with Kuwano's colleagues- Eiji and Maya Sawazaki. They were really like to talk about how strange and ecentric Kuwano is. 
Then finally,
the question here is, will he marry someone in the end? You will find the answer by watching that drama :) I guarantee you'll never feel regret by watching this dorama :)

Personally, I really like Abe Hiroshi's acting. He was really good to play kind a ecentric person with insensitivity to other people's feeling. Actually this dorama was remade by Korea production with tittle The man who cant get married, but I think the original version with Abe Hiroshi who played the main role is much much better than Jin Ji Hee :)
There is my favorite dialog from this dorama, it was exist in 12th episode where finally dr.Natsume confessed her true feeling to Kuwano. She doesnt need romantic words such as I  love you or any other words which look childish but still easy to understand it as a confession :) below I put the dialog
Natsumi to Kuwano: " Thingking about it, whenever we talk, we play dodge ball, not catch. We hit each other and it ends. I...want to try and play catch,,,with you. I've thrown the ball." 
Uwaaaa,,that kinda mature confession. Kuwano need a whole night to understand and make sure her meaning, but still I think that was really cool and romantic :)
Then for you who has spare time especially in the weekend, this dorama could be one of your choice to spend the weekend. Hope you enjoy it then :)

Abe Hiroshi as Shinsuke Kuwano

Natsukawa Yui as dr.Hayasaka Natsumi

Kuninaka Ryoko as Tamura Michiru-Kuwano's neighbour

Tsukamoto Takashi as Murakami Eiji-Kuwano's co-worker

Takashima Reiko as Sawazaki Maya- Kuwano's co-worker

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