Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bloody Monday (ブラッディ・マンデイ)

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Konbawaaaaaaaa!!!Another dorama that I'm going to share tonight :) Bloody Monday, is one of my favorites dorama. I watched this dorama for the first time around 2.5 years ago when I was in 2nd Semester, kinda long time, right?
Bloody Monday is dorama which is broadcasted on October 11, 2008. It is consist of 2 seasons whereas for the first season is consist of 11 episodes then for the second season is consist of 9 episodes. It has rating 11.4% (Kanto). This dorama is starring by many artists such as Miura Haruma (Takagi Fujimaru-Falcon); Kawashima Umika (Takagi Haruka); Sato Takeru (Kujo Otoya); Fuiji Mina (Asada Aoi); Tokunaga Eri (Anzai Mako); Hisano Masahiro (Tachikawa Hide); Tanaka Tetsushi (Takagi Ryonosuke); Matsushige Yutaka (Kano Ikuma); Katase Nana (Hosho Sayuri); Ashina Sei (Minami Kaoru); Yoshizawa Hisashi (Kirima Goro); Narimiya Hiroki (Kanzaki Jun); Kichise Michiko (Orihara Maya) and any other artists. 

This dorama was talked about a genius hacker (Takagi Fujimaru) who known as Falcon in the hacking world. He was in Junior high school when the first time he was broken Japan Public Safety Internet access. Then the problem was appeared when there's biological terrorist attack which killed off thepopulation of Russian town by unleash a virus which is later known as Bloody X. Japan's Public Safety Special Third Unit (code name is THIRD-i) believes that the terrorist organization responsible for the plans to unleash the same virus into Tokyo. Falcon
who has been broken the security system of THIRD-i considered as the right person who can help THIRD-i to break the security system of terrorist organization and revealed the head of terrorist organization.    Related with that consideration, THIRD-i then decided to recruits Falcon to find out what actually happened in Rusia. Since Fujimaru involved, the terrorist was trying to intimade his family (especially his sister) and his friends. He must be rely on his skill as genius hacker to unravel the terrorist organization and find out the truth.

After watching the first season then there will be question in your mind, what's the story about for the season 2? The second season is set two years later when an aircraft bearing a new kind of nuclear weapon which threaten Tokyo, even still related with the same terrorist organization. In the second season, i could say that there was another action which is done by the same terrorist organization who want to prove that they still exist even THIRD-i was trying to destruct and ruin their organization and plan to devastate Tokyo. Conflict in the season two is more complect because finally Falcon found his rival who has capability in hacking more than him. That was the true challenge that gonna be faced by Falcon-the genius hacker. 

So, what will happen with Falcon's family and friends? Could they be the victim as Falcon involvement in those 2 cases? Will the terrorist caught in the end or there will be another season for this dorama?
You can find the answer by watching that dorama :)

I really like this drama since the first time I saw it. I even using the logo of this drama (SAVE THE EARTH) as my wallpaper in my laptop. Then see, I just received my T-shirt package 2 weeks ago and it was written there SAVE THE EARTH with Falcon's logo-the eagle (thx god, finally there is OS which sell that shirt). For you who never see this dorama, maybe you cant understand what that picture is, but for you guys who loves J-drama and have been watched this drama,  I bet you will know what is that written there and why I really like that logo :)  this drama is recommended b^.^d

As usual, I put the artists picture below :)

The black one is my shirt...kyaaaaaaaa :* :*

Miura Haruma as Falcon
Kakkoi neee...he is my favorites after Matsujun :)

Kawashima Umika as Falcon's sister-Takagi Haruka

Sato Takeru as Kujo Otoya (Falcon's Friend)

Fuiji Mina as Asada Aoi (Falcon's Friend)

Tokunaga Eri as Anzai Mako (Falcon's Friend)

Hisano Masahiro as Tachikawa Hide (Falcon's Friend)

Yoshizawa Hisashi as Kirishima Goro (Chief of THIRD-i)

Matsushige Yutaka as Kano Ikuma (THIRD-i member)

Narimiya Hiroki as J or Kanzaki Jun (Terrorist)

Kichise Michiko as Orihara Maya (terrorist)


  1. do you know where to buy Save the Earth t shirt?
    i super love it ><, thanks a lot ><

  2. hello ayura :)really glad to find out another girl that adore this drama :)
    i bought the shirt on online shop in Indonesia,but I have no idea whether they can send it out of Indonesia or not :)
    I think you can check it personally by visit this shop's page
    if you've succeed to order it, if you dont mind, i hope you kindly share your picture wear it here :)