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Nobuta wa Produce (野ブタ。をプロデュース)

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Konbawaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!Good night everybody \(^.^)/ Hope you guys are in good condition. So this time I'm going to post about another dorama, and tonight is time for Nobuta wa produce!!!yeaaaay

That was an old dorama which was produced in October 15, 2005 and broadcasted by NTV. The original soundtrack for this drama was sung by Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa-Yamapi who's also played in that drama. In the drama Kazu was played as Kiritani Shuji, and Yamapi was played as Kusano Akira. Besides those 2 cool guys, there are also Horikita Maki (Kotani Nobuko) and Toda Erika (Uehara Mariko) who were also joined in the drama. 

Nobura wa produce is a dorama which told us about the story of true friendship between Kiritani Shuji, Kusano Akira and Kotani Nobuko. That friendship was started when Nobuka was coming as the new student in their school. Kiritani Shuji is
a popular guy who gets along with everyone, starting from the jerks, nerd to the plain weird, but there's one person that he can't stand who are really annoying, he is Kusano Akira. To Shuji, Akira is a really annoying person. He laughs, talks, and acts very funny, but actually behind his those characters, he is kinda a very good friend. He's loyal, helpfull, brave, and very royal to his friends since his father is a president in a big company. But as I was mentioned before that Shuji feels disturbed with Akira, so Shuji trying to avoid Akira if they were met in a place. Then the story was started when Kotani Nobuka was come as the new student in their school. Nobuko is a girl who has no self confidence at all and being made fun of and bullied in school. Shuji and Akira want to help her and trying to make use of their youth, they both was decided to produce Nobuko as the next popular girl in school. While they were worked togethert to achieve the goal, they faced many problems and obstacles that make them realize actually they've been best friend. Even there was person that want to separated them but their friendship just grown stronger and stronger.

Personally, I love this dorama so much. This dorama taught me how to be yourself, being a good friend, and any other values. During watching this dorama, I was really like Yamapi's role as Akira, he was succed to play as an annoying person with kawai expression. His acts in the drama were really lovable and always success to make me laugh. Some of his expression that gonna be remembered by me is "Kon kon" and "Nobuta Power Injection" hahaha. He was really cute when did those acts.

As usual, I put the pictures of them below :) for you who want to download the OST of this drama, you can download it here. Dozo :)

Yamapi as Kusano Akira

Kamenashi Kazuya as Kiritani Shuji

Horikita Maki as Kotani Nobuko

Buta-Pig which become the sign of their friendship

Shuji and Akira

Took Picture together with Kon kon

One of Akira's annoying acts

"Nobuta power injection!!!" hahaha

Scenes in Nobuta wa Produce

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