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DramaReview : Thank You (Korean Drama 2007)

Since i got very long holiday for this semester, i was spent my time just for watched tv, hang around with my friends, and study lil bit to prepare my compre exam on November. Someday, while i was watching tv, i accidentally saw a drama where the scene is there were mom and her daughter which live with their grandpa who has alzemeir. Then started from that, i felt very interested and cant be more patient to wait until tomorrow to see the next part. The drama was broadcasted by the private tv (Indosiar) and i was too curious with the rest story, then i decide to find it in Warnet. Thanks God, finally i found it. Ok then i'll start to make the review for that drama.

This drama is consist of 16 episodes that directed by Lee Jae Dong which tell us about the life of young mother (Lee Young Shin, roled by Gong Hyo Jin) with her daughter (Lee Bom roled by Sheo Shin Ae) who infected with HIV virus because of error human while performing blood transfussion which caused by young female doctor Cha Ji Min (roled by Choi Kang Hee). Tragically, later then the female doctor is found out that she got colon cancer that can't be cured. Then with the sense of guilty, Ji Min went to the island where the kid and her mom are lived.

Unfortunately, Ji Min was died on the way to the island, but she was left a message to her boyfriend Min Gie Seo (roled by Jang Hyuk) to apologize if it turns out she did not get to meet the child's mom. In fact, Gi Seo who was felt guilty for not being able to cure his girlfriend quit his job as surgeon. The seeing the situation, her mother who is the owner of a large company ask him to accompany her most trusted subordinates Choi Seok Hyeon (roled by Shin Sung Rok) reviewing the project on remote island (where Young Shin and Bom stay). Accidentally, Min Gi Seo reunited with Young Shin by live in Young Shin's home, then slowly living with Young Shin, Bom, and Grandpa who usually called as Mr.Lee, they were able to change the character of Gi Seo. Started from that, Gi Seo learn many things and being more grateful to his life. He want to protect Young Shin, Bom and Grandpa and make them live happier :))

There are many things that we can get while watching this drama. We can learn about oatient and grateful from Young Shin who accepted her fate and tried make the best of it despite all odds. We also can get lesson about Young Shin's struggle to teach her daughter to make her more brave and confident to face the world with her head up. Just like Gi Seo said in the drama, " Have a disease like HIV is not a sin or something that we should sorry for, someone with HIV is just different with others just like people who has middle finger shorter than others, has smaller eyes than others, and has legs shorter than others."

 In this drama, Jang Hyuk (as Min Gi Seo) can played his role as an arrogant doctor very well. He can make us hate, pity and love him at the same time. We hate his arrogance and selfish character, but we suddenly sorry for what he's been through (start from the died of his girlfriend, until his brokenhome case), the we love for his caring and sacrifices for Young Shin's family. Two thumbs up for him b^.^d

Gong Hyon Jin as usual always success to played as an very humble person that always grateful for every moment in her life  which finally can change such an arrogant doctor like Min Gi Seo.

Sheo Shin Ae which played as Lee Bom was also succed to played as a kind and pure child who obedient and really love her mom. She's very cute in this drama.

The last is Shin Goo who was played as Grandpa or Mr. Lee. I think this is the funniest role in this drama. Shin Goo was really well played as a grandpa who has dementia and make Young Shin really worried about him. The last scene about this grandpa was really sad. 

Below i provide the Episode Rating of this drama:

Episode Ratings
DateEpisodeNationwideSeoul2007-03-21112.6 (10th)13.2 (10th)2007-03-22214.6 (9th)15.6 (7th)2007-03-28313.7 (10th)14.9 (8th)2007-03-29415.3 (9th)15.3 (8th)2007-04-04513.4 (10th)14.1 (9th)2007-04-05615.4 (10th)16.3 (8th)2007-04-11714.6 (8th)15.8 (7th)2007-04-12816.2 (7th)17.0 (6th)2007-04-18916.0 (7th)17.3 (7th)2007-04-191017.2 (4th)18.4 (3th)2007-04-251117.1 (5th)17.7 (6th)2007-04-261216.8 (5th)17.2 (4th)2007-05-021317.4 (5th)18.3 (3rd)2007-05-031421.2 (2nd)24.0 (2nd)2007-05-091518.5 (4th)19.5 (4th)2007-05-101619.2 (3rd)20.6 (3rd)
Source: TNS Media Korea

There are also pictures of the casts below :))

Jang Hyuk„„he really handsome isnt it?kyaaaaaaaaaa (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘) (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘) (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘)

Gong Hyon Jin is really cute when she’s put make up on her face
ƪ(♥-̮♥)ʃ ƪ(♥-̮♥)ʃ 

Sheo Shin Ae as Lee Bom very cute as usual  (•ˆ⌣ˆ•) 

Shin Goo played as Grandpa, i just cant imagine how if i have an grandpa like him
\(!!˚☐˚)/ \(˚☐˚!!)/

Note: Credit for all pictures are for Google

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