Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fieldwork a.k.a KKN

It's been almost 2 months since the end of my fieldwork. Fieldwork is a compulsory in my faculty. It was done for a month since 09 July until 09 August 2012. All of students who joined in the fieldwork was divided into groups, then every group is consist around 8 until 11 person. In that fieldwork process, i was included in the group of 43, it's placed in Klaten, Ngaran village.

My group is consist of 8 persons, they are Zidniy as the chairman, mas Ridha as a vice chairman, then Thoat as a secretary, me as a treasurer, Hermawan as a spokeperson, then Malik, Nikita and Faya as the members.

The village that we used to live is lived by many kids, incidentally my programs are also related with the kids, then that is why i made friend with many kids than the youths or even other people there. Among all the kids that i met there, there is one cute lil boy, his name is Fikri. He is kind of good boy, talkactive, and obedient enough. He really likes to play with me. Hmm,,write this post just make me remind him. Below i put his picture so you guys can check it :)

That is one of my favorite pictures during my fieldwork aka KKN. I miss him so bad lately, and i wish that i can meet him again someday. My pray for you boy, be a great man when you've grown up
( ˘ з˘)~♡    

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