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Lately, i really like to scrutinize an Twitter account @Skripsit who called his name as Sam. His tweets are really funny and [sometimes] motivate me as an college students (even i have not taking thesis yet now). When i am on twitter, the first thing that i try to find out is his recently tweets, i don't even know, but by reading it i just can refresh my mind. My favorite part from his account is when he trying to re-arrange the lyric from some songs to be related with the story of suffering college students. Oya, he also has tumblr and blog, so maybe you can visit it if you want to read more his notes. Hope it also can refresh your mind and motivate you to keep struggle to finish your thesis.  Just visit or . *Oii Bang Sam, i've helped you to promote your account, you should pay me for this..* haha

Below i put some of my favorites [his arrangement songs]

Lagu Mahasiswa Tua Indonesia
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Lagu anak Indonesia. Sumber gambar:

Inspired by Balonku

Tahunnya lewat 5

Rupa-rupa rasanya
Melow, pusing, kelabu, marah-marah melulu

Yang lulus bikin galau

Hatiku sangat kacau
Ngarep ipeka empat
Malah jadi sekarat


Inspired by satu satu aku sayang ibu

Satu-satu aku tingkat satu
Dua-dua udah tingkat lima
Tiga-tiga di kampus makin tua

Satu dua tiga, kapan wisudanya? #jlebbb


Inspired by Burung Kakak Tua
Mahasiswa tua
Nangkring di jendela

Nyadar makin tua
Ipeka juga dua (Kemudian lompat gedung)


Below is another song which has covered by him

coversong #1: The nasip~Jangan Menyerah

Tak ada skripsi

Yang terbuat sempurna

Jangan kau sesali
Dosen yang telah nge-bully

Kita pasti pernah
Dapatkan dosen yang berat
Seakan skripsi ini
Tak tau gimana lagi


Syukuri dosen yang ada

Skripsi adalah anugerah

Tetap jalani proses ini
Melakukan yang terbaik

Tuhan pasti kan menunjukkan
Kebesaran dan kuasa-Nya

Bagi mahasiswa yang sabar

Dan tak kenal putus asa

Jangan menyerah… Jangan menyerah… Jangan menyerah…

coversong #3: John Lenon~Imagine

Imagine there's no lecture
It's easy if you try
No lecturer in front us 
Everyday is holiday 
Imagine all the students living for today 

Imagine there's no exams 
It's really hard to do 
Nothing to cheat or die for 
And no GPA too 
Imagine all the students living life in peace 

You, you may say 
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one 
I hope some day you'll join us 
And the world will be as one 

Imagine there's no thesis
I wonder if you can
No need for graduate or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the students sharing the papers 

You, you may say 
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one 
I hope some day you'll join us 
And the world will live as one

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