Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flumpool's New Single- Because I am (˘▾˘) ♪♬♪

Courtesy of YouTube

Yeeeeaaah, just like that i said before, i was trying to find flumpool new single which is released on July 11, 2012 with the tittle because i am.

I knew this band just after i watched Japanese drama-Bloody Monday which is roled by Miura Haruma. Even that movie was broadcast around 2008, but i was watching that drama on early 2010. At that time, flumpool's song which has tittle Over The Rain and Zanzou became the original soundtrack for that drama. Since for that moment i was really interesting with that Japanese band.

Flumpool is Japanese band which is coming from Osaka, it consist of four members, they are Ryuta Yamamura as the lead vocal and guitarist, then Kazuki sakai on guitar and backing vocals, then Genki Amakawa as a bassist, then the last is Seiji Ogura as a drummer. Even it is been almost 2 months since they released the new single, i'll confess here that i just read it. It is because i was join on fieldwork on early July until August. That is why, i still interested to share their video here.
Hope you enjoy it :))

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

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