Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Surprise for Rizka and Dwiky \(‾▿‾\)┌(_o_)┐ (/‾▿‾)/┌(_o_)┐ \(‾▿‾\)

It's been become a culture for me and my friends to give surprise each other in our birthday. Then, this month is Rizka's and Dwiky's turn :))

Actually Rizka birthday was on 20th of August, but because at that time we were celebrate Idul Fitri and cant gather to give her surprise, then we decided to make it at the same time with the surprise for Dwiky. The plan is really simple, it became more simple because Dwiky didn't take any subjects for this semester, it means that we can talk about the planning everywhere and everytime in campus. But how about the surprise for Rizka?

So, we tell Rizka, that we're going to give Dwiky surprise a week after his birthday. We make the plan, and told Rizka about it, but we didn't tell anything to Dwiky. But actually, we're gonna make same surprise for both of them. So the plan is like this, firstly, we ask Dwiky out, told him that we're going to hang around in a cozy place (I don't forget to ask him to bring also his lovely camera). We deliberately chose a cozy place which is little light that has a pool. The place is in Jakal (i forget what km, but it's almost near with UII PUSAT).Then, the main plain is we're gonna spend the night and push Dwiky and Rizka into the pool. It's gonna be success because neither Dwiky nor Rizka were not going to think that we're gonna push him into pool.haha

It's gonna be run well until suddenly Rizka told me that she can't join us. It because she must teach her little sister that will have mid term exam tomorrow morning. I was trying to make her sure, it will not take long time to run our plan, then finally she was agreed and come with us at the place. We arrived there around 8, then Rizka has been not more patient, it showed from her face when she asked me about the exactly plan, coz she have to go home soon. I was very confused at that time and don't have any other options, I need Dwiky's help to make Rizka stay there. Finally I lied to him and told that the cause why we are here now is to give surprise to Rizka. Then, he know the situation and help me (actually at that time, i can see an little disappointment in Dwiky's face. Maybe he thought that, hello..why didn't you guys also give me a surprise, this month is my birthday right?! *lol).

So, the plan for Rizka is changes. We didn't have heart to push  her into the pool, so we decided just to throw plastic that has been filled with water to her, the main plan is just to make her wet. While i was prepared the cake and the candles in the car, my friends- Rahma and Meutia preparing the plastic which  is  filled with water, then Dwiky was ready with his camera. Then when it has ready, we came to Rizka while singing Happy Birthday song. At that time, she still thingking that the cake is for Dwiky, but when we mention her name in the song, "Happy b'day Rizka,,Happy b'day Rizka,,Happy b'day..Happy b'day..Happy b'day Rizka.." she suddenly realized that the cake was for her. Then, when she was blowing the candles we throw the plastics to her and make her became wet enough :))

from left to right: Meutia, Rizka, and me

me, Rahma, and Rizka

From left to right: Meutia, Lina, Sheylla, Tyas, Rizka, Koh, Lumos, Rahma, and me
Those pictures above was taken after we made Rizka wet. 

Then, the next is Dwiky turn. Actually, the benefit point for Rizka here is she knew the planning that we're gonna do to Dwiky, while Dwiky have no idea about anything. That is why, Rizka also help us to make it happen. We pretend to force push Rizka into pool. One thing that i never expect is innocently Dwiky giving example and convincing Rizka to get into the pool. He even left his mobile phone and wallet to one of my friends, Lumos. Saw the opportunity, my friends immediately push him into the pool, and successfully made him wet and soaked. After that, me and Tyas came bring the cake then he realized that it was a prank to give him surprise for his birthday :))  

Sheylla still trying to push Dwiky into pool again
I think, we was push Dwiky to get into pool more than twice ~(˘˘~) ~(˘˘)~ (~˘˘)~

Take a picture together \(´`)/

 The two victims tonight, Dwiky and Rizka

We'll never be succeed if there's no Koh, Pandu, and Danu who has helped us to book the place, but big thank for Koh b'coz you always there and give idea when we make prank on my friends's birthday. Thank you also for Isa, Viqi, and Yoga for your attendance even for just a moment. So, that's all my story for tonight, hope you guys enjoy when read it. Once more, happy b'day for both of you, keep healthy and may God bless you always :))

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