Sunday, September 23, 2012

My World and My Pleasure

I think this is the first time for me to write down here. I don't even know exactly what i am thinking when i decided to have an account and starting to write here, but one thing that I believe is I want to share about my dreams, my hobbies, my idols, even my daily stories to you guys. Then i guess, that is why i give tittle to this page as "My World". I wish that i can share with you about my world and all of pleasure things that i really loved. I know that my English is still bad, but I am trying to make it better and better, so if you find any difficulties words or you can't even understand what I put here, fell free to ask me about it. Don't be hesitate to give me suggestion to make my English, my page, and My World to be better. The last,  I hope that you guys can enjoy to read my blog, then "MyWorld" can inspire you something that can make it as one of your pleasure to read it. Whoever you are and whatever you do, i wish for your joy and happiness :)

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