Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Favorite Old Song

Courtesy of YouTube

Lately, i found this song on my laptop.This song is sung by Alan Kuo as original soundtrack of Taiwan Drama, Mars.If you are 90's and really like to watched Asia drama in Indosiar, I bet you have been heard about that drama :))
I really like this song, Alan's voice show us his pain and hope through this song. I tried to find the lyric meaning,then voila...i put it below.oya, i also provide the picture of this drama :))

LING (Zero)
Never believed how perfect my world could be
Pain, loneliness, and also a bit beaten
Prohibited from finding people as one wishes
Entering my zero degree space

Would rather be lonely, too lazy to think about who
Is a kind of comfort received when two people are together?
Struggling and then forgetting everything
Never thought that one day my ending would actually all change
Who would grab my powerless pair of arms
What’s the reason for crying
(Who’s right, who’s wrong, feeling sorry for who)
Won’t cry again
(Who’s right, who’s wrong, distressed for who)

Entering zero degree space, waiting until everything is broken
Even love’s dangers, we’ll face it together
It’s too late to defend, a promise never heard
How do you want me to learn, a tomorrow with more love

Exiting zero degree space, everything;s finally broken
Even if tired from loving, I won’t regret it
Putting down all defenses, everything doesn’t matter
Escaping the dark world, starting a new tomorrow
A new world

I put the picture of that drama below :D

Credit: Google

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