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Credit for Arashi's Fans Page

As you can see above, that's the picture of Arashi Idol group. Arashi which has meaning "Storm" in English, is a Japanese Idol group which is consist of five members that formed under Japanese talent agency Jhony & Associates. The group was officially formed on September 15, 1999 in Honolulu, Hawaii. This group member is consist of Satoshi Ohno (as the leader), Aiba Masaki, Sakurai Sho, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Matsumoto Jun.

Even the group was formed more than 10 years ago, i started know this group 2 years ago in early 2010. How silly i am .. hahahaha

I have known Matsujun before (coz he was played in many doramas), but i never known that he's one of Arashi's members. Someday i watched my older brother's collection videos, then i saw a music video and amaze that actually Matsujun is one of them. So started from that, i am trying to find out anything that related with those five cool guys :)

One thing that i never expect is the more i found out about them, then deeper i fallen in love with them. I love their friendship which is sometimes "mock" each other; i love their "stupidness" in their own tv show performances; i love their performance in every concert; but the most thing that i really loved from them is their personality which really respect each other. They each have their own character, personality, and skill but still respect each other. They complement each other with their own transcendence and deficiency.

They have a lot of tittles and success to prove their domination for #1 Group in Japan. They've been named #1 strongest celebrity in 2012, as they were #2 in 2011; their concert DVD was released during May of this year, and yet it's still on top 5 on Japanese Music Chart; the members individually have gotten spots on top 50 most recognized celebrity in 2012. They've been broken their own record many times. They've cracked the 6 million selling copies for concert DVDs; they've won countless polls, such as "The group who people would like to go to their concert" and "The group whose members get along well" , and many others, as well as big tittles for the member individually.

For us Arashians, whenever we feel troubled, when we want to laugh, or put a smile on our face, Arashi is the cure for us. The idiotic leader who gets bullied by his bandmates even though he is the oldest one; the one with the most beautiful voice; and the most amazing dance moves; the one who seems always sleepy and so not hyper; the one who has cute smile, that's our leader, Ohno Satoshi.

The rapper, the newscaster; the MC; the elite student; the one who usually fails and is so uncool and put a smile on my face; the member who is everyone's joke and makes everyone laugh with every comments he made; the member who always makes my day with seeing his smile and dorky face at one time and handsome figure at other times. He's smile is also my favorite, he's Sho-chan, Sakurai Sho.

The hyperactive one; the one who cries so easily; the one with the warmest and kindest heart, the one who usually gets called idiot more than any other members; the one with the hilarious laugh and who loves Arashi more than himself; the friendly one, Aibaka, Aiba Masaki.

The bratty one; the "forever 17"; the sneaky one; the little devil; the adorable one; the one whose solo songs are always so perfect; the one who thinks he is the best looking human in the world and jokes about it; the genius actor; the oh-so-cute Nino, Ninomiya Kazunari.

And the last is the youngest one; the diva; the photogenic one; the drop-dead gorgeous one; the coolest one; the one who secretly cries a lot; the one who's got the style and the trendy fashion and yet he loses to the members when there's a fashion contest; the Domyouji Tsukasa guy; my absolute favorite, the kind Matsujun, Matsumoto Jun.

Those five can make anyone laugh, they can make anyone's day better with their silly shows or with their brilliant songs. That's our STORM, that's ARASHI. I admire you guys individually and as a group, you've become an inspiration to me, thanks for never separating :)

If you are an ARASHIAN, you must have known why we love arashi so much. Then for you guys who do not know or have not hear about them, maybe you can start to listen their song, see their concert performane, and see their tv show such as Himitsu no Arashi-chan, Arashi no Shiyagare, and Versus Arashi that still running nowdays. If you are interested to see them in their younger age, you can also watch their tv show like Mayonaka no Arashi, Mago Mago Arashi, D no Arashi, G no Arashi, V no Arashi, Arashi no Shukudaikun, and USO Japan. Hope you can enjoy it then \(^.^)/

Pictures below are the pictures of each member :))

Satoshi Ohno who usually called as O-chan or Riida. He's the leader from this group (┌_┐)

Sakurai Sho who usually called as Sho-chan. He's the smartest guy in this group i think (•ˆˆ​​​​•) 

Aiba Masaki who usually called as Aiba-chan. He like to do something stupid ( '̀'́)9

Ninomiya Kazunari who usually called as Nino, Neen, or Kazu. He is the member that very often playing in the drama ~(‾‾~) ~(‾‾)~ (~‾‾)~

Then finally, the youngest and my favorite member, Matsumoto Jun who usually called as Matsujun, Jun-Kun, or Matsumoto. He's the " Mr. Perfect" in this group ( c ˘)з┌◦◦◦♥ ( c ˘)з┌◦◦◦♥

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